IPS CCTV Services is a leading provider of rapidly deployable CCTV and security solutions.

We create security solutions to address specific client concerns and mitigate potential areas of risk. Solutions may include the protection of property, people and plant whilst also providing a very visual deterrent to potential thieves. We use our experience, our knowledge of the industry and understanding of our clients to create real-time, effective solutions.

Our security systems reduce false alarms for clients and provide complete, around-the- clock protection, whilst storing industry leading evidence gathering when required.

Being part of the IPS CCTV Security of security gives you even more reason to ‘rest easy’ in the knowledge you have bought from an accredited, trustworthy and reliable company.

We provide cost effective evidence quality CCTV surveillance systems tailor-made to meet your requirements. We install systems using the right equipment for your requirements and needs, manufactured by UTC, Eye Lynx, Hikvision, Panasonic, Samsung, Genie, Pelco, Dedicated Micros, Wavestore and many more. If you are looking for a sensibly priced digital CCTV system, look no further than CCTV Surveillance, the name you can trust

How we help

Site Security Audit

Organizations that are particularly susceptible to external threats can also opt for an in-depth site security assessment, designed to fully assess their vulnerabilities and security shortcomings and to suggest the best solutions to eliminate them.

With the help of our specialist partners, we’re able to provide a Full Spectrum Penetration Testing service for your site, using a full range of techniques, from simple Social Engineering operations to full Covert Entry (lock picking) and Alarm Defeat.

The purpose of the test is to replicate the real threats posed by professional criminals, corporate or state-sponsored espionage, etc. A simpler, Physical Penetration Test option is also available.

Remote Monitoring

Video surveillance systems represent very effective crime-prevention solutions, while also providing recorded HD-grade video footage for post event analysis or evidence. However, modern security solutions have to be able to stop crime before actual damage is done, and this is exactly the reason why remotely monitored CCTV is becoming increasingly popular.
By using our CCTV Remote Monitoring service, you can significantly reduce your company’s operational costs (no need for on-site security guards, superior rates of detection, lower insurance premiums, etc.) while in the same time improving the staff’s security.
The CCTV Surveillance monitoring Centre is staffed by highly trained operators all of whom share a passion for security and who are able to take immediate action on the video footage that they see following an alert, either by using the intercom link to warn away offenders or calling the police and specified keyholders.

Security Systems Takeover

CCTV Surveillance can take over the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of any existing security systems. Our team of expert engineers will review your existing CCTV system and a quotation to fix any problems and take over the service, maintenance and monitoring, if required.
If you want to upgrade your equipment, CCTV Surveillance can assist you throughout the whole process and offer you a best-in-class security solution that meets your specific requirements and remains within the limits of a set budget.

Service & Maintenance

CCTV Surveillance is committed to delivering service levels that genuinely match our customers’ needs, customised to the specific site requirements and within the limits of a set budget. Not only are we a top supplier and installation contractor of digital CCTV systems in the SA, we are also unsurpassed in our commitment to offer 1st Class user support and maintenance for all installed equipment and software.
Our Service & Maintenance offerings are based specifically on your requirements. Before providing you a very competitive quote, we take into account a variety of factors, such as your budget, response and fix times, parts and labour, call-out and technology.

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