Event Security

Event Security

No matter the scale or size of your event, we offer the best in event management to ensure the energy at your event keeps going with custom-tailored solutions that make all the difference.

Ensuring a safe and successful guest experience starts with the right access controls and screening. Our access control specialists focus on ensuring tight control of the most sensitive areas of your facility by monitoring credentials and admitting only those verified to enter.

Proactive, vigilant and highly trained, our security patrols are among the best in the industry. Ensure the safety and security of key assets at your event through our wide range of security patrol services.

Our Services Includes

Sporting Events

Professional sporting events call for top security services to keep everyone safe, while keeping the good energy going.

Concerts & Festivals Management

Whether you’re planning an event at a theater or putting on a music concert or festival, we help you determine how to set up your event for success, to ensure everyone has an amazing time while staying safe.

Community events Management

When you need security for a dynamic community event, whether it’s a tournament, marathon, community fair, parade, or festival, turn to IPS.

Conventions & Corporate Events Management

IPS has experience planning and executing security and guest services at a wide range of conferences, conventions and business meetings.

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