Unarmed Guards


High-Quality Unarmed Security Guard Services

If you manage a construction site, commercial property or residential property, you’ll know how important it is to protect your property and assets from vandalism, theft, and other criminal activity with security solutions.

One of the best ways to ensure crime prevention and that your premises remain secure, and your staff and residents stay safe at all times is by hiring qualified unarmed security services. At IPS, we are proud to offer unarmed security guard services to protect your property. An unarmed security guard service is the perfect form of protection when the area to be secured has a relatively low threat level and requires a guard to be present to deter trespassing from thieves or vandals.

Unarmed security guards, like armed security guards, require multiple qualifications and undergo rigorous training, so you can rest assured that your property is in safe hands.

Benefits of Unarmed Security Services for
your business

Crime Prevention

Stationing guards in and around your property can significantly lower the risk of theft, vandalism, robbery and assaults on employees or customers.


You can recoup your investment in a security service by preventing asset thefts and creating a more customer-friendly image that attracts additional business.


professional security company ensures that every guard receives the training needed to do the job well and react appropriately to every situation. You won’t have to worry about what to do during an emergency.

Increased Efficiency

Unarmed guards remove the security burden from your shoulders, allowing you to focus on more productive activities.

Peace Of Mind

You’ll feel better knowing you’ve taken an extra step to protect your property, employees and customers.

Why do businesses hire Unarmed Guards?

Protecting valuable assets is a primary reason many business owners hire unarmed security guard companies. Their presence can reduce the risk of property theft and robberies, especially for operations that keep cash receipts on the premises. They also get more peace of mind knowing that a trained professional is there to monitor activities and respond to situations promptly when needed.

Some businesses prefer an unarmed guard to one carrying a weapon to avoid making customers feel intimidated or unwelcome. A well-trained professional often knows how to defuse a situation without police involvement, which reduces the likelihood of upsetting the regular clientele and giving the company an unsavory reputation within the community.

A company could even use a guard for customer service purposes. Besides providing security, the individual can answer questions or give directions to visitors. The person in this role should possess strong interpersonal skills, be courteous and present a professional image.

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